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Software Innovations

We have created many industry-first application programs.

SCAN™ (Source Code ANalyzer) - Counts lines of code for different languages and produces complexities. The first tool to include white space as a specific metric. Used in practical application and research.

GRAFIX™ Care Labels - Several versions from simple text clothing labels to the industry-first Intrenational Care Symbols. The advanced version allowed the user to create their own graphics - before the mouse!

Piece™ - A life saver for the production sewing factory. This sytem maintains the different fabrics, cuts, and workers. Prints barcoded labels to keep track of individual production. Inventory control feature allows the floor supervisor to know the ongoing status of the production run.

PieceMaster™ - Adavanced version of PieceWork™ system which includes payroll, tax tables (with free updates), and check/stub writing. Read the barcodes at the end of the day and know exactly what you owe your employees - in 45 seconds!

The Alternative™ - A unique invoicing program that is user-friendly. It maintains all of your customers' transactions and allows for standard or custom reports!

The Cheque Cashier™ - A computer system designed specifically for the check cashing industry to increase their efficiancy in maintaining an active customer database. Multiple-level login for security. Allows reports based on login as well as all general reports.

Various other customer- and industry-specific systems. Just like the one you need developed!
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