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Adware / Virus Removal

Do you think you have a virus?

With today's Internet, it is impossible to stay away from popups / advertisements / viruses and other malware. Especially during the summer months - when kids are out of school!

Let's do some troubleshooting:
  • Is your computer running slower than you remember?
  • Does your desktop not display or your computer takes a long time to come up?
  • Can you not open the Control Panel or run other programs?
  • Is there a popup that continually tells you that your computer is infected: Click here?
If you answered yes to EVEN ONE of those questions, your computer may be infected. We have to Detect and Delete the malware before it gets to your programs and data!

   Contact Us ASAP!   760.560.3281

( Once your machine has been cleaned, we will ensure your antivirus software is up-to-date. )