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In 1984...

Max-Tech started writing custom software. When programming was in its infancy, we created unique utility applications for use by other programmers. We also began programming ecologically before it became cool: we re-used our code! We created the original software label program for the clothing manufacturing industry that was able to print the International Dry Cleaning Symbols on the "wash and wear" labels - an industry first! We created different applications unique to the clothing manufacturing industry to improve the efficiency of piecework production. We also wrote business applications such as inventory control, payroll, and invoicing programs.

We created software for the check-cashing industry. SCAN™, the Source Code ANalyzer, produces complexity metrics for a multitude of programming languages. It was the first automated metric analyzer that included white space as a specific metric in its calculations.

We started our network engineering and administration efforts with peer-to-peer networks, LapLink, BanyonVines, and progressed to token ring and star configurations. Thanks to Microsoft with the advent of Windows servers we moved on to TCP/IP, HTTPS, sub-netting, and VPN. Our staff is certified in Microsoft system engineering and Cisco technology.

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